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ooooaawooaaawooooooooooOOooooooOoowaoo story of undertale...i fell from the light

Saturday Dec 9, 2023, 5:43 PM




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im a neurodivergent goth alterhuman!!

ive recently got into kandi, but ive been doing singles for a while.

my theriotypes: (my main one) grey wolf, tiger, and some kind of bird...

my otherkins: demon (idk specifically what kind tho...), and vampire.

(some) of my fictional kins: hellpark damien, estella, gregory, south park firkle, michael, stan, cartman, splatoon pearl, digital circus pomni, and a bunch of others.

i love allen poe, south park, fnaf, metal family, hellpark, bugbo, heartstopper, TADC, splatoon, minecraft, the cure, this wierd pigeon-mouse-squirrel thing i have on my keychains, goths, hippies, cats, hamsters dogs, bats, and LOTS of other things.

i also play the double bass!!!!

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