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70s sweaters. that is all

Thursday Oct 12, 2023, 5:05 PM




Last online: 11-22-2023 8:15pm
  • Gender: woman (the woman ones)
  • America BAY BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ok i decided to make this a little more readable :)

name(s): mostly tim, but also ash or nyan if you're feeling froggy

age: adult (if you're not ok with interacting with adults please don't interact with me! also, minors please please don't talk about nsfw stuff with me, that's a hard boundary i will block you without warning)

interests (aside from kandi): 70s fashion, native plants, everymanhybrid, the magnus archives (only the original podcast idk what theyre up to nowadays), the adventure zone, house of leaves

muzak: o'death, the paper chase, everything everything, protomartyr, farm (the 70s one), brown bird, assorted other country music (country <3333333333)

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