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idk what hd is but i got 80 of em

Thursday Dec 14, 2023, 8:08 AM




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Helloo!! I'm axopie!! :) I am new to this site so bare with me here lol

☆ Fandoms: My main fandom is MCYT (Life Series, Hermitcraft, QSMP, Empires, & a little bit of DSMP)!! I also like Omori, FNAF, Gravity Falls, TOH, Cookie Run: Kingdom, and some other things listed in my carrd :)

★ Identity: I'm omniromantic and asexual!! I am also genderfluid :)

☆ Pronouns: I use any pronouns (including neos btw!! the only boundaries I have abt neos are like ones abt real people and things like gore!! I couldn't care less if you use them, it doesn't really concern me, I'm just uncomfy with people using them to refer to me <3 )

★ Other stuff: I am diagnosed with ADHD, I'm a minor (so don't be weird!!), and I'm a quadrobist and a furry :)

☆ Music: Will Wood/Will Wood and The Tapeworms, Tally Hall, Miracle Musical, The Crane Wives, ABBA, Mitski, Queen, Melanie Martinez, Madilyn Mei, Sparkbird, Ricky Montgomery, Lemon Demon, Lovejoy, Wilbur Soot, and others I probably forgot to name :)

★ Hobbies: Art, cosplay, & gaming!! :)

☆ Interact/BMF!!:

-People w/ the same interests as me!!

-Therians, otherkin, alterhumans, etc!!


-Any fandom!!

★ DNI:







-Just toxic people in general

That's abt everything!! I have more silly stuff on my carrd if u care abt that but yeah!! sorry if this is like super long, I wanted to cover everything lmao. this is a safe space :) <3

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