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"And the universe said I love you because you are love"

Saturday Oct 14, 2023, 11:28 AM




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  • Gender: AGENDER!!! (they/them/theirs)
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Haiii :3My name is Beli and I enjoy a plethora of silly things. I'm trans and autistic and honestly just trying to figure everything out. I love anything that requires me to be creative and I draw a lot in my free time. I also enjoy listening to music, currently, I can't stop listening to Los Campesinos! (and a bunch of german punk rock bands). Some of my other interests include : Generation Loss, Barotrauma (the videogame), Night in the Woods, Star Stable (if i could let go i would i promise), Animal Jam, Warrior Cats, Slimecicle, Ranboo and whatever i forgot to name.

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