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"i need someone to remeber me, i need something bigger than the sun hold it in my arms and know its mine" /lyr

Monday Aug 21, 2023, 5:25 PM




Last online: 11-06-2023 1:24pm
  • Gender: transmasc agneder :3 (he/xe/it + all xenos)
  • Profile Views: 544

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"your mamas crying dododododo, your mamas crying 4 u"

`kins: tweek, stan, craig, wendy (all southpark), basil (omori), kel (omori), red guy (dhmis), sydney (ianowt), ritchie (it), pearl, (splatoon)

` Nerodivergent!!

`special intrests: musical theater + acting, LDshadowlady (esp empires), splatoon ^_^

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