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Saturday Aug 26, 2023, 4:06 PM




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i’m just a person who loves silly cartoons :) thankfully, i’m only in 2 fandoms at the moment so i’m not AS insufferable (whoopie)

i write stories too, but most of them are just confused drabbles named after ‘the smiths" songs. go check them out! leave kudos if you’re cool like that! link below. also, if you wanna reach out to me, dm here! or if you really want to IG you can add my discord, although i’m not notttt .. very active on there .. disc user: m111les

my other hobbies include: reading, drawing, singing, playing guitar, and OFC perler/kandi

☆ - additional info:

miles, they/them, mixed, minor yadada4

other hobbies (besides art): singing, playing guitar- i play electric, acoustic, and b4ss, reading, writing

main interests: moral orel, south park

other interests: mccafferty, big mouth/human resources, poofesure + the wii, the summer i turned pretty (kind of), zach stone is gonna be famous + bo burnham in general, other stuff bc i can get down with almost anything

☆ other fun facts:

retired hamilfan (whisper shouts) i also like other musicals

the biggest midwest emo + mccafferty fan i do not support nick’s actions,, he kind of sucks.. glad he’s doing extensive therapy and it seems like he’s gotten better but can’t. excuse what he did ykwis??

poofesure fan 2019 strong


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