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Just got called a kudzu for being Japanese and Venezuelan!!

Tuesday Jun 6, 2023, 10:44 AM




Last online: 6-08-2023 6:36am
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  1. Law , Trish , Perona , and Yasuho >>>> you
  2. One piece fan / JJBA (^^)/ mob psycho 100
  3. i love constellations but not zodiacs in spiritual
  4. Getting into digital art rn
  5. Call me Carameru , Gutz , or Akio, or Karen
  6. My real name is super embarrassing and it’s Karen
  7. Please don’t bully me bc of my name I’m super nice I swear
  8. ENFJ -
  9. ADHD and DID
  10. For a second I act like a uwu girl next I act like a adult :skull:
  11. I’m not very online on tt bc I got in trouble
  12. This is my school ipad

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