a man has fallen into the river in lego city

Wednesday Jun 7, 2023, 6:13 PM




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  • Gender: nonbinarry genderrfluid (they/them, xe/xem, dead/death, he/him, bat/batself)
  • In, Yourr, Walls<3
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Helloooo(≧▽≦)! My name is Val ^u^ Wanna get to know me? (◕દ◕)


⚝starrting to use my typing quirrk on this account (rr=r, sometimes z=s, sometimes u=you)

⚝My prronouns (in orrderr of prreferrence) arre they/them/xe/xem/dead/death/he/him/bat/batself ( /^ω^)/♪♪

⚝I love being crringe! It makes me feel better about myself (^^)

⚝Kind of self-diagnosed autistic (i did LOTS of rresearch, and i've had my frriends tell me i act autistic)

⚝My spinterrests are science, underrtale,sans aus, and bats(though those might just be a hyperrfixation)!! C:

⚝My current hyperrfixations arre Lego Ninjago and TUYU(if u know this band PLEASE BE MY FRIEND-), just legos in general, and learning about neurrodiversity!! :3

⚝I do not want to say my age on herre, but I am a minorr!! Also my birrthday is Octoberr 11 >o<

⚝alt acc: @xBL00DandG0RR3x


⚝Kin list(not in an otherrkin way, in the i-rrelate-to-them way): Sans, Sayorri, (Passive) Nightmarre Sans, vflowerr :D

⚝Fandoms: ddlc, SANS AUS/UNDERTALE, starr vs the forrces of evil, grravity falls, TUYUUUU, the owl house, cooking companions, VOCALOIDDD, avatarr the last airrbenderr/legend of korra, STEVEN UNIVERRSEEE, amphibia, LEGO NINJAGOOOOOO >.<

⚝Please dni if 18+, anti-lgbtq, anti-xenogenderrz

⚝pfp arrt done by me! 〜(꒪꒳꒪)〜

⚝I don't usually need tone tagz but please use them anyway!! sometimes i tend to take jokes the wrrong way!!


One last thing, please crredit me if u use one of my patterrns and post a photo of it!

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