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"u say ur bettr thn me but i dnt believe u ;3! if ur hatin on te internet it sux 2 b u >:D! i live in ur hed 365 \(^.^)/! im not worried im jus livin life! >3>

Wednesday Oct 4, 2023, 7:24 AM




Last online: 10-20-2023 9:14am
  • Gender: alpha male (he/him)
  • Mount Massive Asylum , Lake County, Colorado
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⛧ Heyo !! You can call me Cameron or Mason !! Nicknamez r also cool !!

⛧ He/It/+Xenos nd Neos !! Im also pronounfluid so if ur not sure jus check my bio or ask i dont mnd !!

⛧ tone tagz r appreciated but id rather them used mainly for jokez TT

⛧ 69 yearz old /j

⛧ I LUV LUV LUV Outlast/Resident Evil 3/MARIO KART RAAAH(Rosalina my beloved <3)/Faith: The Unnholy Trinity/Roblox !! Gamez i like r cookie run kingdom nd minecraft

⛧ Some baands/artistz I luv r kets4eki /6arelyhuman(main/speacial intrest)/Slipknot/d3r/Pierce the Viel/Rebzyyx/My Chemical Romance/System Of A Down/etc.

⛧ unfortunately vry forgetful and get distracted ez so if i forget to repsond im so zorry TT (also cant spell but like ignore that >:P)

⛧Will rant abut things below if asked(if in capz itz a main/special intrest):

⛧outlast /ANALOG HORROR !!/BOBCATZ:3/TRANTULAZ/ZOMBIEZZZ !!/rezident evil related tingz, aka the T-virus, Umberella corp, etc. !!

⛧I guess I have a typing quirk ?? Nuthin serious tho i jus replace my s with z, use two exclamation points/ question marks nd dont put the a on and !!

⛧ Everythin elze in the the link below my pfp on a doc !! (extra: dms r open!! I luv making new friends :3 usually on during skool hrz)


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