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Wednesday Feb 1, 2023, 6:30 AM




Last online: 3-16-2023 10:33am
  • Gender: Xenofluid (Ey/Em)
  • Chesterfield, Virgina, USA
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We're a trns, blck system of 23! When we post anything or send messages we'll leave a specific symbol to go with it so we don't have to type out our full names every time. The alters listed below are the people who are most likely to use this account.

===: Wilson, He/Any, Fictoject

~: Peter, She/He, Fictoject

#:Mae Borowski, Any Pronouns, Fictoject, !!no source talk!!

$:Keegan, He/Him, Brainmade

+:Riley, Ve/Vers, Brainmade

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