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"piece, love , unity, and respect and then teh b!tch@$$ who ate my corset"- me

Sunday Apr 23, 2023, 4:04 AM




Last online: 6-14-2023 11:32am
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  • Only Close Friends Can Know AJJKDNHVSA, Georgia, Us
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  • im toby (yes Irl) and im emo and scene. love making kandi . i like creepypasta as well! i want to make more friends :)

i play roblox (only friends can be friends on there sorry its to prevent clutter)

i skateboard.

i love monster energy (i want it all the time)

i really want to rave, and i want a huge collection one day :>

I'm transmasc and gay

my fandoms- my chemical romance, creepypasta, Pokémon, scene, emo, mmd, vocaloid, lucky star, sally face, portal, ddlc, yandere sim, kandi(obvi),south park, there are a lot more-

fandoms im in but not as into it anymore- fnaf, tattletale, baldis basics,

song artists i like- mcr, s3rl, pierce the veil, falling in reverse, millionaires, fall out boy, mother mother, mitski, cavetown, cg5, rebzyyx, vocaloid, apeture science, and WAYYYYY more

im a little bit awkward when first meeting people so sorry if im weird when we first talk.

if you want i can role play but i just dont really like being aware that i am because then ill be awkward

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