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"i fought my way to the surface & carried myself to land." - "dont wanna go, but this place doesnt feel like a home." - im officially a slvt 4 Speak Now (TV), folklore, evermore, & BIRTH OF VENUS, ughh i love them mwah - MPTHER IS MOTHERING MWAH MWAH - immm gonnaaaaa kmsssss~♪♫ - 1989 (TV) ACCPYNCED - love me & my besties kinda matching users lol - TAYLOR SEIFT MOVIE IN OCTOBER ANDNDNSN - yuh is offical, im Gracie's d8 2 her hoco♡ - HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT, HE ELFT ME HERE IN STARTING 2 ROT, CURRENTLY MY FAV BABY BUGS SONG - Kai is now my dog & they bite eheheheh - im the Dazai 2 Kai's Chuuya & the Sigma 2 Estelle's Nikolai♡- Oda is the bby daddy (inside joke) - Madi is my pookie bear (inside joke) - feeds in2 my delusions, im so delulul smh - Dalanna said Gracue should marry me so now im gonna make her a bracelet that says Wifey & mine will say Hubby lmao - i need 2 shave my arms & legs again - going 2 the gas station w my pookie & Artiza was fun tho! :D

Thursday Sep 21, 2023, 3:28 PM




  • Gender: Demigirl, Stargender, Axogender, Aliengender & Ghostgender (Moon/Moons/Axo/Axos/Ghost/Ghosts/Ghostself/Spook/Spooks)
  • Rotting In Level 974, Backrooms
  • Profile Views: 22,249

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˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Axie's bio⋆* ⁺⑅


im Axie & im a mess LMAO

nicknames: Raccon, Punk (only brothers dad), Killer (only brothers dad), Kitty Cat (only Gracie), babygirl (only Gracie unless you ask), Mommy (only Gracie), Daddy (only Artiza LAMO), Kk, Kakes (mom & nrothers dad only), & Chinese Lady<3

matching w @cL0wN_k1TtY_ScoTTy <33

prns: she/her/they/them

neprns: xe/xem/ze/zem/fae/faer

xenoeos: moon/moons/axo/axos/ghost/ghosts/ghostself/spook/spooks/alien/alienself

just she/they is fine tho!

Unlabeled, Quoiromantic, Demiromantic, Demigirl, Stargender, Axogender, Aliengender, & Ghostgender:]

i am comfortable being labeled as a woman!! any feminine terms are completely fine!! (ex: girlfriend, daughter, queen, goddess, babygirl, etc)

i use a shizton of Gen-Z slang so b prepared LMAK

btw i say im gonna kms rlly pften as a joke

pls use tonetags w/ me!! i take everything srsly & cabt tell when ppl are joking BOTH irl & online!

Colorguard memeber

how tf am i posed 2 Live, Laugh, Love in these conditions? smh

wanna chat sonewhere else? i can talk on slinkchat & quotev as well!

marrie.d 2 My King, Estelle 4 over a year!<3 mwah mwah all the kisses!!<333

i love Taylor Swift & will talk abt her NON-STOP when given the chance & will attempt 2 find loopholes 2 bring jer up<333

iykyk: July 9th, no its becky, April 29th, now theres 5 holes in the fence, 13, ill tell mine your gay, & 123, LGB!!

fav artists♡: Taylor Swift, BANSHEE, Alice Glass, Baby Bugs, Scene Queen, Paramore, Pierce The Viel, MARINA, The Haunt, Jazmin Bean, Zheani, TX2, Elita, VIOLENT VIRA, BAYBE, Jack Stauber, Rebzyyx, Doja Cat, carolesdaughter, Lil Mariko, Elliot Lee, Lemon Demon, Bella Poarch, Teen Su1c1de, Cavetown, Melanie Martinez, girl in red, & Maggie Lindemann

fav song(s) atm: SPIT by Poppy, take me nowhere by Maggie Lindemann, Misery Business by Paramore, & take me to the oceanside by BANSHEE

Hyperfixactions: Nostalgiacore, Bungo Stray Dogs, Assassination Classroom, Scream, Horro Movies, Creepypasta, Slashers, Lego Ninjago, Liminal Spaces, Early 2000score, Doors, Flamingo/Albertsstuff, Early 2010score, Dead Malls, Poolrooms, Backrooms, Onegai My Melody, The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2 b pecific), Total Drama Island, Hazbin Hotel, VENOM, Sally Face, Tokyo Ghoul, & The Meg!<3

(i dont support viziepop)

My Style: Mix of 2020 Alt/Bunny Hat Kids, E-Girl, Pastelcore, Indie Kid, & Kawaiicore

if you bark @ me i will spray you w my body spray sorry not sprry<33

my secret 2 my skin is tesrs from the ppl who dont like me hehe<33

Aesthetics<3: Dreamcore, Weirdcore, Liminal Spaces, Nostalgiacore, Poolcore, Mallsoft, Traumacore, Early 2000score, Glitchcore, Kidcore, Sanriocore, Kuromicore, Gloomcore, Dazecore, Early 2010score, Aliencore, Rollerskatecore, Unliminal Spaces, Arcadecore, Cleancore, Anemoiacore, Glowwave, Dreamy, Pastelcore, Hatecore, Sadcore, Medcore, & Raver

i swear i dont have an obsession w Liminal Spaces & Nostalgiacore (i definitely do)

randim fact: McDonald's used 2 sell Pizza, Spaghetti, & Lobster. The Spaghetti & Lobster which were called the McSpaghetti & McLobster were discontinued in the 1990s while the Pizza called the McPizza was discontinued in 2000. Only 1 location still serves the McPizza in Orlando, Florida, USA

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True Twisted Cuff<3
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Self :) Love Single
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Checker Cuff<3
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My Og Bbg Single
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Karma Single
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Checker Cuff
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Rizzed Up Si Gle
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Holow Stash Mushroom
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She/they Single
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Stice & Spice Matching Singles
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Poe Single
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Norizz Single
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McLaren Singlr
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Heart Cuff!!
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