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i finally finished atla, my life is complete

Thursday Apr 27, 2023, 9:18 AM




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hellooo !!!

my name is rayne/vyn and here r some things abt me:)

im an aroace(aroflux, nebularomantic, cupioromantic asexual) fingender lesbian

im autistic

i LOVEEEEE splatoon!!!!!(my fav idol would be marie or frye, how about you???)

i listen to vocaloid, mitski, gorillaz, lemon demon, yoasobi, boa, lamp, mother mother, gulu gulu, malice mizer and a few other stuff

im a minor in middle school please dont b weird

im a kandi kid!!!X3

i love making kandi and friendship bracelets!

i watch toh, amphibia, infinity train, most of the sonic series(and read the comics too!), inside job, madoka magica, kny, tgamm, hnk, wep, atla, evangelion, tbhk, tpn, artiswitch, etc

i have pony town and pixel petz so if u wanna add me just ask!

(i am also a homestuckie.)

anddd yeah thats all u need to know ! if u wanna know anything else feel free to ask me!!!

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