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I’m moderately friendly so do be afraid to say hi! Just be aware I do get very anxious and may come across as rude unintentionally, and I’m sorry for that :’)


- BYI !

Please no NSFW. I am a minor, and I would prefer to not interact with adults, unless you are Asexual in some form. qvq


- About

  • Azurgirl , Aegosexual/Aegoromantic . Prn apathetic, any
  • Anxious lol
  • Minor
  • Digital artist
  • Really wants to start and Etsy shop lmao.


- Interests

I struggle so badly with hyperfixation if I like somthing it’s like the only thing I like lmao. Transformers is always front and center or a frequently visited back-burner interest.

  • Sonic the hedgehog <3
  • Transformers (particularly TFP-centric!)
  • Pop-punk + hyperpop!!
  • OC Stuff!



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