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Last online: 3-19-2023 11:14pm
  • Gender: Male (He/They/It/Xe + Neopronouns)
  • Nebraska , America
  • Profile Views: 144

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  • Polyfragmented fictive heavy AuADHD system
  • Collective names; Bones, Sebastian, Salem, Silas
  • Pronouns; He/It/Xe + Neopronouns
  • Hosts; Clockwork, Jeff
  • Interests;

The Twilight Zone(1959), Goosebumps, Horror related things, FNAF, Slenderverse, Five nights at Candy’s, Metalocalypse, Mandela Catalogue, Spirited Away, Bugs, Clowns, Shooting Games, Taxidermy, Mortician Work, Bones, Squishmallows

  • DNI (Do Not Interact);

Basic DNI criteria, Endo / Tulpa / Will systems,xenogender haters, people who disrespect me because of my religion, proshippers, people who misuse tone tags as a “joke”, furry haters, therian haters, toxic genshin fans, toxic DSMP fans / stans

  • More About Us; We’re a juggalo! We’re currently learning how to do our face paint tho. We’re a part of vulture culture but we’re not allowed to start collecting. We want pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and Halloween Hisser Roaches but we’re not allowed to have them. We’re a satanist & we respect all religions.


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