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screaming and crying over sally face chapter 4

Monday Mar 20, 2023, 4:43 AM




Last online: 3-29-2023 10:03am

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official bsf of @T4T3R_T0T :oD ily!! /p


hi im aster/Kaden/G0Z

neurodivergent (ADHD, probably autistic, misophonia if that counts? heard it did but it might not)

!!minor!! adults can interact, just dont b weird

ive been making kandi 4 about 2 years now i think, i havent been able 2 make much recently though due to lack of time and motivation, i def will soon though!! (i still kinda consider myself to b a beginner cuz i havent rlly made much besides singles tbh)

im too scared to message anyone on here for some reason </3


interests/dni (mostly in order from most interested to least):

hyperfixations: flamingo/albertsstuff, sally face, roblox myths (mainly cits)

other interests: project sekai/vocaloid, the owl house, object shows, invader zim, stars/astronomy, art n animation, music (soad, korn, slipknot, rammstein, jack stauber, mitski ect)

pls bmf if u like any of those /nf

dni: basic dni criteria like homophobes, transphobes, racists, proshippers ect



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