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hi! im cam, im 14, and here's a little about me for anyone seeing this who wants to be friends bc i need those haha

likes: kandi, music, funko pops, dungeons & dragons, drawing, books, Minecraft, writing, NYC

dislikes: spicy foods, hot weather, bugs, crowded areas

fandoms: danganronpa, FNAF, monster high, MLP, gravity falls, stranger things, heathers, D&D, sailor moon, Komi Can't Communicate, LOTR, Neon White, Arcane, South Park, Sanrio, squishmallows

favorite music artists: Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, nirvana, Duran Duran, Radiohead, phoebe bridgers, journey, pixies, Gorillaz, abba, arctic monkeys, Penelope Scott, Halsey

random stuff: i have a 1-yr-old puppy, my favorite food is mac and cheese, my favorite holiday is Halloween, and i have a little brother :]

DNI: the obvious (anyone who discriminates against other people/groups), toxic/not nice people, proshippers, anything like that

Please interact: Other Gravity Falls fans!!! And also artists, readers, animal crossing/minecraft players, and animal lovers<3

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