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yooooo!!! (੭˃ᴗ˂)੭ Here are some things about me, but I updated my carrd so most of this and probably more stuff will be on it.


please note that I am a minor so nothing weird. Also, please message me because most times I am bored. I love my dog a lot and he is the reason I live everyday ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜. If you friend me then I will 100% accept it or I will friend people usually because we have the same interest. I am also a very big band AND theatre kid and might randomly add that in to a conversation. I probably won't use tone tags unless you ask me to (if you don't tell me I will most likely forget to use them unless it's something that really does need them),


Fave groups: Xdinary Heroes, BTS, TXT, Enhypen, Orange Caramel, Stray Kids, SHINee, Epex, 8turn


Fave shows/movies: Alice in Wonderland, Les Mis, ride the cyclone, the taking of deborah logan, semantic error (ITS SO GOOD PLSPLSPLSPLS WATCH IT!!!)

︵‿︵‿︵‿︵︵‿︵‿︵‿︵︵‿︵‿︵‿I won't use ︵

Interests: Horror, analog horror, kpop, MUSICALSSSS!!!!, marching band, DCI, maybe some other things idk


fave games: arcaea, beatsaber, VRchat(if you have it please dm me I desperately need vrc friends), blade and sorcery, and roblox


my latest hyper fixation is horseshoe crabs teehee (It's very random)

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