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ngl guys...bananas are kinda better than oranges...

Wednesday Sep 7, 2022, 12:36 PM




Last online: 11-24-2022 9:53pm

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yooooo I’m felix

please note that I am a minor so nothing weird

If you msg me Ill probably msg back

Fave groups: Xdinary heroes, BTS, TXT, Enhypen, Orange Caramel, Stray Kids, Twice

Fave shows/movies: IT ch. 1, Alice in Wonderland, Adventure Time,

Interests: Horror, lost medias, fashion, cyber y2k fashio, kpop

I love my dog and I will make sure everyone knows it.

I dunno if anyone cares but I'll usually friend people if I like their user or if we share interests :)

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