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Thursday Jan 26, 2023, 1:25 PM




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hewwo !!!!!! my names mutt/lysander !!!!! [he/him only !!!!!! i also use pup and bro neos!!!!! ]

sum of my special interestz include beading/kandi, vintage cars [i specifically like old muscle cars and my favourite models 1959 thunderbirds>:3 ], my OCs, plushies and horror movie, and jerma985 !!!!!!

im also 17, a guy and gay !!!!!! im autistic, adhd, dysthymia, bpd, and suffer from delusions:3

dni - the basics.., proshippers, fujoshis

[also tone tags r super helpful when it comes to talking 2 me nd i struggle 2 read sum typing quirks !!!!!! ]

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Goblin Moments>:3
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