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"put bleach in the bathwater' 'then sell it' 'nooOOOOOOO'"-my intrusive thoughts

Monday Feb 6, 2023, 8:27 AM




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check my prounouns page that i spent 45 minutes on for my many pronouns and my names and stuff lol /nf /lh


some things bout me ^^

i like playing tetris, pretty much any mario game (especially 3d and bowsers fury), road 96, minecraft, animal crossing, hearthstone, ukulele, guitar, trumpet (im a band kid ^-^), mlp, and knitting ^^

i practice witchcraft, im a gray eclectic mage (currently preparing a spell for valentines day ^^)

my favorite artists are leanna firestone, rainbow kitten surprise, delaney bailey, oscar lang, mitski, mcr, carolsdaughter, rob zombie, our last night, hollywood undead, the killers, everbody's worried about owen, korn, limp bizkit, slaughter to prevail, and will wood (sorry im very passionate about music :)

my favorite book is perks of being a wallflower (which ill rant about if you ask about it)

my favorite show is futurama (i will also rant about this if asked about it)


DNI: homophobes, transphobes, ableists, misogynists, fatphobic, anti-xenos/neos, terf/supporters, all/blue lives matter, anti-witchcraft, trumplicans, truscums, anti-agere (i age regress alot) and if you support mr beast

BYI: please use tone tags when talking to me, i have severe social anxiety when im talking to people and i overanalyze peoples tones, i also use tone tags on default cause i get scared people will misunderstand me, but if this makes you uncomfortable, lemme know and i wont use them for you, just know im really awkward at first when talking :) i also call everyone and anyone bestie, if this makes you uncomfortable just lemme know, and i wont /nm /pos


my status is (usually) non-offensive quotes from my quote book

if you have any questions about my interests/my age regressing/witchy stuff please please ask! i love love talking about them!! /nf /lh

feel free to message me!

have a lovely day :)

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Trans Star :)
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Poly Cuff For My Small Wristed Friend Lol
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