Zedd Logo Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite

Zedd Logo Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite
Made by DJCrazyDreamer
Date 2013-11-17 14:06:34
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Size 40 columns wide x 13 rows tall

Kandi Pattern Comments

Mar 7, 2014 2:29 am
Mark, this pattern is not for a kandi cuff or designed to be used with pony beads. It is designed for perler beads (fuse beads) which are placed on a pegboard and melted together with an iron. Many of the pegboards have this square layout, that's how it can be square and not zig zag. You could make this with pony beads if you used something called "square stitch," but I wouldn't recommend it because it's a very time consuming stitch and uses lots of string.
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