Rattata Pokemon Sprite Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite

Rattata Pokemon Sprite Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite
Made by Purpl3Sag3
Description Rattata_Pokemon_Sprite
Date 2012-07-10 03:54:33
Hits 32390
Bead Counts
Size 25 columns wide x 25 rows tall

Kandi Pattern Comments

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Mar 21, 2017 10:12 am

Nicole, this one you have commented on is working fine. How are you trying to print the pattern? Are you pressing the "Print" button? Or are you pressing the pattern image and printing what comes up? Both should work for this pattern. but the print button will require that your browser can correctly handle PDFs. If you point out any others that you are having a problem with I can check them out. It's possible that there might have been a temporary problem with the image hosting when you were trying to print.

  • Nicole
Mar 20, 2017 5:19 pm

These were quality when they worked, now when I go to print them it's just a red X. Any way to fix this issue?

Feb 16, 2013 9:08 am
its totally top percentage ;D
Aug 3, 2012 12:41 pm
awwwww, it's kinda cute!
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