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hello witches! tell me anything about your craft!

I started getting into witchcraft about three years ago, and I’m still not very advanced as I’ve been working on and off but that’s okay and valid!

I don’t worship any deities, but have a strong connection to Apollo and have had an experience with either Aphrodite or Athena? I’m still not sure who it was lol-

Right now I’m really focusing on crystals and tarot! I really love tarot and I’m getting better at it! I think tarot is a really beautiful thing and the meanings of the cards are so interesting and I love how it’s really up to interpretation which makes it personal.

My favorite crystal right now is selenite! I bought this really cool selenite wand recently and it WORKS SO WELL??? I swear if I’m ever anxious and I hold it the anxiety just goes poof- I wanted to bring it on the vacation I’m on rn but I was scared it would break and its become a comfort object to me, but where I’m at has a huge crystal store and I bought a smaller selenite! I have yet to cleanse it (I know I don’t need to but it helps me connect to my crystals better) but it’s so pretty!! I got an opalite and rose quartz as well!

Sorry this got so long, if you read this far down I love you

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Aug 9, 2021 7:02 pm

Hi! Some of us in our system are pagan! Some of them use tarot cards, some use crystals, and some use both!! We have been pagan for about 2 years I think!

  • strawberrybrostrider
Aug 9, 2021 7:42 pm

ima witch

I mostly do small jar spells and tea potions and apothecary stuff because I love apothecary stuff and it makes me so happy

I don't worship anything or anyone in particular but I like adding certain things to my alter as little offerings or "calling cards" to manifest their energy (a painting of a goddess, orange peels, coffee, tiny bottles of wine bcs I have cats and I have tiny bottles)