Perler Bead Melting Method

KandiBells 5/29/2018 07:26 am 2407

Hello all you wonderful Kandi Kids <3

So I made one of the largest perler projects I ever have last night, and had a small disaster with curling, beads not getting melted, pegboards bending, and so on. So for you seasoned perler artists, which method do you think works best for you:

Masking Tape Method versus Direct Parchment Paper Ironing

Let me know in the comments!!

Good Vibes, Everyone! 514c97f246dda_peace.gif

-Kandi Bells

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  • tui
Jun 3, 2018 12:54 pm

I use direct parchment paper w masking tape for projects requiring more than one pegboard heres how

1. make project and iron until pegboard moderately warm or begins to bow

2. if project is large cover in masking tape before completing this step. gently peel project off board starting on your dominant side .

3. place your pegboard beneath something heavy to cool

4. place parchment paper wax side down on top of your project leaving in masking tape place and iron until bead holes are filled in or your with the look and strength of your project

5. flip your art and repeat step 4. Then remove any tape if you want to add a keyring through one of the beads do it now.

6 enjoy your work and keep creations with us!

i hope this helps answer your question good luck!rainbowsmile

May 29, 2018 9:20 pm

My sister will take the tape, tape it up then put parchment paper under and another over to melt it then put something heavy on the piece like a book for example until it cools down. Take off tape when you have one side melted then melt the other of course.