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Monday Nov 1, 2021, 10:44 PM




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  • Gender: NOPERS (he/him/himself, ram/rams/ramself, it/its/itself )
  • Idk Bro Probably Somewhere Playing Minecraft
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i like billzo, sneegsnag, undertale/deltarune, homestuck, unus annus (rip), lemon demon, fnaf, the walten files, kubz scouts, pokemon, and more!!!!!!! (pls dni if you don’t like any of these :] i use these pieces of media as a comfort. i honestly don’t care about your opinion on it :] )

here’s my top 5 kins :floshed:

  • c!tubbo (dsmp) (and tumoasd tubbo …<3 i love him wails)
  • horuss zahhak (homestuck)
  • larry johnson (sallyface)
  • thomas o’malley (aristocats /srs)
  • and mae borowski (night in the woods) !!!!!

so n e way

here’s some stuff abt me!!

i’m 15, omnisexual, polyamorous, and use he/ram/it pronouns!!! my timezone is EST, i need tone tags (/j, /srs, etc), i mfn LOVEE music, i am horrible at love, and i like long walks on the beach (/j).

i also do art!!! check out my tt for it wowowoww !!!


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