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help im broke and running out of beads

Thursday May 20, 2021, 4:22 PM




Last online: 7-07-2021 10:13am
  • Gender: Genderflux/Agender/Demigender/Enby/Trans/Trender/Xenogender (they/them that/thatself it/itself he/him)
  • At, Ur, Dads Lol
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hoi!!! im pixel/acid ! im 15 ! and ive gotten absolutely obsessed with kandi! ive been doing it 4 a few monthz now! im a scemo kid who luvz giving a middle finger 2 cringe culture >:3 im nd so im a bit shy and need ppl 2 use tone tags ! i like mcyts, sanders sides, disney, undertale, jacksepticeye/markiplier, mogai, and drawing !! i really hope 2 make sum frens who are like me <3

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