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kindaa forgot abt this soz 3: (disc: goob#5052 jic u wanna contact!!)

Thursday Feb 3, 2022, 6:34 PM




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~haii i have many namez but i mainly go by ouma :3 im a v masc leaning enby w a lota pronouns lol. im demisexual + gay + polyam w two bfs!!

~im v hyperfixated on danganronpa (all games) nd have been for like,, more than a year lol. i also like things like wwatt, yttd, mlp, cookie run kingdom, akudama drive, witchs heart, ena, starkid, inmimb, and lotsa random horror movies (usually japanese ones, like signal 100 and suicide club)

~i have a DA to kokichi ouma soo yah (btw plz dont call me kokichi, jus ouma ':3 only ppl im like rlly close to can call me kokichi) plz dont try to seperate me from my DA !!!

~sumtimes have a typing quirk/weird typin style, dont use numbers much tho do if u cant read those well then dw!!! :D

~host of a sys, dont think n e of the otherz will b using this site tho. plz dont out us on other sites !!

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Badtz-maru Cuss Mask
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Sun & Moon Cuffs!!!
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Checkered Rainbow Cuff!!!!!!!
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Archie Single!!!
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Cotards Solution Single!!
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Ma Kandi So Far!!!!
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