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Last online: 11-19-2021 3:18am
  • Gender: Male (He/Him/It/It's )
  • SW, Washington, US
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Just a cringe that uses Kandi as a coping mechanism

Games I play:

Breath of the Wild

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Fire Emblem: Heros and Three Houses

Valorant (Honda Cervix#0099)

Stardew Valley

Dead by Daylight

Genshin Impact (Hiatus)

Cookie Run: Kingdom (4Hoshido)

I love Aristocrat Lolita, Ouji Lolita, Visual-Kei, Vampiric Style, Romantic Goth fashion.

My favorite bands/artists are Daoko, Kikuo, XAaXAa, LUNA SEA, DADAROMA, lynch., The Gallo, Hail the Sun, Pierce the Veil, Bring me the Horizon, Machine Girl, Goreshit, NANORAY, Yeule, Lorde.

I don't need/use tonetags so please ask if you need them!

Discord: Eer1e#0812

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