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I can trade but not large trades at the moment.

Tuesday Oct 8, 2013, 10:42 AM





Last online: 11-22-2015 9:22am

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Hi!! I am Vivi and Im very nice and talkative and I LOVE TO MAKE KANDI!! XDD lmao soooo feel free to message me and stuff <3 Um well I like a lot of things that are cute and adorable! Anything Dinsey or Hello kitty c: I loe singles and stuff as well! and Im a big anime lover, if you would like to trade then please know that if you ask me then I would like you to send out first and if I ask you to trade then of course I will send out first! Just to keep it fair c: But thats all I have to say about trades, I love anything that someone has taken the time to make for me! Also if you want to see more kandi pics feel free to follow my instagram! @Vivi_thenerdgirl or kik me @Vivi_thenerdygirl

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