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sleep deprived rn

Tuesday Nov 28, 2023, 8:14 PM




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Welcome to my profile! I would like if you used the names ,eli, or sal when reffering to me ty!Pfp art by me :DLast updated: 11/27/2023 (mm/dd/yyyy)Go to my rentry for more details (link in profile)

⚝Basic Info⚝

they/them // pansexual //

~ADHD || Autism || Depression

~yeehaw im american :eagles:

~therian,cosplayer,fursuit maker

~13 years old || i started making kandi last year || bday is dec 27 || capricorn||


~Current Hyperfixation(s): murder drones,sally face,omori,the amazing digital circus,kawaiicore fashion mlp:fim, decora fashion,photography,animation,art,making kandi,crafting,quadrobics

~Hobbies: Drawing and digital art, kandi,quadrobics,photography,astronomy,reading,writing stories,crafting,climbing,exploring

~Music taste: mother mother, vocaloid,mitski,melanie Martinez,marina,roar,lemon demon


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