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not dead

Sunday Jun 2, 2024, 11:13 AM




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  • Bald Eagle Land
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  • Hello! The name's Frankie.
  • Interests: TOH, Showbiz pizza, Chuck E Cheese, Nimona, anything clown related, Coraline, puppets, cosplay, Gravity falls, Amphibia, DHMIS, dolls/toys in general, art, The Walten Files, FNAF, DDLC (I cried too much over that game), Monster high, currently getting back into MLP, BMC, Heathers, Mr. Samuel's Tea Time Stories (for good kids and confused adults), getting into The Cog is Dead and Steam Powered Giraffe, Everything Furby, Transformers (but like only rescue bots) idk there's probably more, I like a lot of stuff.
  • Fun-ish Facts: I have a fairly developed story going, but only like one other person knows anything about it. One of my favorite things to where is kandi goggles, that and the hats I pair em with. Rattle snake eggs hatch while they're still in the mama.
  • Discord is onesmallclowndoll, please feel free to message me anywhere and talk about anything (I'm terrible at starting conversation, rants, rambles, and miscellaneous facts are always appreciated)
  • [sorry if this sounded weird or wasn't written very well]

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