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"She said tomorrow she don't want to wake up Tears running through her makeup" -alex g

Friday Mar 1, 2024, 7:24 AM




Last online: 3-01-2024 1:02pm
  • Gender: genderfluid (any/all idc)
  • Pee City, Guitar State, Law Of Talos World
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!!! please keep in mind i am a minor!!!!

i carry some wild things in my pocketz

my current hyperfixation: law of talos

i do have add and mild depression ((diagnosed))

i draw sometimes when i dont feel like shart

mitski is my fav music artist

girl smoocher!!

ill only b on during school days/school hours


clarice #2 fan

im not peeing in anyones mouth.

my fav mitski song is probs last words of a shooting star its relatable

acoustic guitar player!!

real mizuno irl yep!!


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Fish Husbands
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Oc 2
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Shark Oc!! His Name Is Kai
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