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"There i go, down to hell" -ranboob

Monday May 22, 2023, 10:03 AM




Last online: 9-11-2023 12:29pm
  • Gender: Demiboy, but i don't mind neopronouns!! (He/They and Neopronouns)
  • Middle Of Freakin Nowhere, Idaho, USA (But It's Not Very Nice Here There Are Transphobes And Gun Violence)
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Stuffs about me

Im a gay -Gasp! Scream! Kevin fucking faints! Ohio Lights on Fire!-

Fave Animals: Snakes and Pengelins

Fave Games: Minecraft, Sally Face, Undertale and Deltarune

Fandoms: Dsmp, Qsmp, Sally Face, Owl House, My Hero Academia, Deltarune, Fnaf, and Stardew Valley

My Aesthetics: Grunge, Emo, Weirdcore, Kidcore, Cottagecore (Sometimes), Piratetcore (Also sometimes)

Fave activities: Playing Minecraft, Making Kandi (I'm actually trying to make an etsy shop selling those so when it's ready I'll link it), Cosplaying, Reading, and Drawing.

Kins: c!tubbo, c!tommy, Sal Fisher, Denki Kaminari, Kris (from deltarune)

If anyone wants to play Minecraft with me, just dm me your discord and Minecraft user! I'd love to make a server where we can do silly goofy things!

Fun Fact: Did you know that oranges are actually a berry?

Btw I use dude and bro as gender-neutral terms, but if that bothers you just let me know! I will totally respect your pronouns!

Just don't be an ashhat because IM A MINOR

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Cool Goggles From Thrift Store!
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I Got Into Hello Neighbor If You Couldn't Tell/j- More Spooky
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Am I Spooky Now?
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