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Pilates? Really?

Friday Aug 11, 2023, 8:24 AM




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Hello, my name is Sophia. I've been doing Kandi since September of 2022. I prefer they/them pronouns. I am also a minor so none of that weird stuff. You are very welcome to friend me :)

Special interests :

  • My favorite video games are Undertale, Deltarune, Minecraft, MSM (My Singing Monsters), and PVZ (Plants Vs Zombies). I also play Roblox but not that much
  • My favorite bands/music artists are Bo en, Tally Hall, Lemon Demon, Miracle Musical!
  • I enjoy nature, mushrooms, cats, birds, science, emoticons, crafting, and Kandi ofc :D


  • I can sing decently!
  • I wanna learn how to play the drums in the future
  • I love collecting little trinkets I find
  • my favorite color is yellow
  • I have six cats

Have an awesome rest of your day or night and thanks for reading <3

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