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i havent been here in like a year slay

Friday Jul 21, 2023, 4:45 PM




Last online: 7-29-2023 8:19am
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Nobody has added me as a friend yet :(


I'm Abby, im a minor!!!

I like percy jackson, hxh, sanrio, acnh , fnaf, aot, sk8 the infinity, resident evil, pjsekai and stuff like that !

I listen to melanie martinez, cavetown ,corpse , lemon demon, sodikken,lovejoy, assorted vocaloid artists, wxs music lmao, and vbs music

dni : dream smp stans, and people who gatekeep kandi those weird mha stans, and ereri shippers.

i love leon too much if i talked about him it would be something..

rui, akito,my skrunkly <3

btw if i deleted you as a friend nothing against you I 1. dont remember anyone, and 2. technically not supposed to have friends


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