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"Any moment now one of my patterns will be published!" - Someone that still has hope Ain't me tho/

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What's up homies! I'm occultism. I'm an Aquarius (1/27) Favorite color is Electric Violet (purple).

I've been making kandi at the end of 2021 because I always wanted to and had the means of finally starting the craft. I primarily work with 9mm pony beads but plan on doing perler beads soon to incorporate together.

I listen to all types of music. Ambient, Noise, Folk, Experimental, Du-Wap, Beach, Industrial, Jazz, Rock, Rap, Punk, Lofi, Traphop, EDM, Dubstep, D&B, [insert your favorite genre here]....

If you're looking for something you haven't heard before, tell me what genre you're looking for and I can shoot you some suggestions that could be your next favorite song <3

I am a Dapper Punk (think steampunk without all the broken clocks and I'm not stuck in the Victorian Era), I love to learn. I have two large dogs and two snakes. I work at a tea house-apothecary and tattoo. I LOVE MOVIES! I have a running list of films going back to the early 1900's that are on my watch list. Some of my favorites are Spirited Away, Para-Norman, The Big Lebowski, SLC Punk. Fantasia, and The Matrix Trilogy in no particular order.

PLEASE DM ME! Ask questions! Talk to me! Make a friend! We share common interest, I promise!

Jazz is acoustic EDM.

Bees are bullies.

My goal is to bring back all the highs of the 90's and leave the lows where they belong.

Emo and Scene doesn't die, they just turn into jaded adults.

When in doubt, make a pee bracelet.

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