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Please be aware of types of patterns that typically don't work well: people (cartoon or otherwise), logos or symbols that need exact shapes to be recognizable, images that require fine lines or lots of detail. I don't do words unless they're really generic terms with lots of meaning, like PLUR. This is because I don't want to have a bunch of patterns that only one person can use, like someone's rave name.


Completed suggestions get deleted, or may have a response below for a while. Suggestions I tried and can't do will have a note below explaining why. Suggestions I haven't tried yet will have no note. I don't attempt suggestions in order. If I delete your suggestion, it's probably because somebody has already requested it. I cannot do patterns that are anything other than multi-stitch, because of how my website is set up/automated.

The votes are just for me to know which patterns are most in demand; high numbers of votes don't guarantee I will make the pattern. Also, please know that I work full-time so it may take me a while to get around to attempting your request. Pestering, begging, or asking for the same pattern more than once will likely get your request deleted and will not improve your chances of getting it made.

Please use the search feature before requesting, and
click here to see a list of pattern requests which are less likely to work