Many people have asked me before to put up patterns of just letters, but I won’t do that because it wouldn’t work… and here’s why:

When you’re writing out a word on a cuff, how you make the letter will depend on what other letters are in the word, and what position they’re in. If you look at all the patterns I have that have writing on, you’ll find that a lot of the letters are made in different ways. This is because I had to play with the forming of the letters to make them line up better and not have uneven spacing.

And if I put up 4-5 versions of each letter, it would then almost be pointless to post up, because you would still have to have a beading program to be able to rearrange them in the way you want to make them fit. And not all letters have capital or lower case equivalents in beads, since the layout is limiting. Basically, you wouldn't be able to just copy letters onto a cuff. It takes effort to choose the letter form and rearrange them.

I recommend that you download BeadTool4 if you haven’t already. It has a text feature that lets you type in text and convert it into beads. Or you can also try to just create the letters yourself, which is what I do because I find BeadTool often makes the letters a bit too large.