The short answer - no - and I never will again.

In the past I sold about five cuffs to people online, charging for just the cost of beads and shipping. There are many reasons why I can no longer do this. If you're curious, read on...

The main reason is that I now have chronic tendonitis in my fingers and thumbs, so I do not make this type of cuff anymore, for anyone. The repetitive motion puts me in a lot of pain, even when I wear hand braces and use painkillers/pain-relieving sprays. In my "picture cuff tutorial," you'll notice that toward the end, a brace appears on my hand >.<

Even if my tendonitis gets better in the future, there are other reasons:

1) I am not comfortable charging for more than the cost of supplies and shipping, but to charge so little would mean that I am wasting a lot of time and money.

2) Even if I charged for the work I put into the cuffs, the money would never be worth the time I put into it, in comparison to how much I make from my full-time job.

3) Because I work full-time, and even work when I'm technically done with my work day, I have very little time to make kandi, and I would rather spend my free time making kandi patterns because they're something that everyone gets to enjoy - not just one person.

So there you have it.

However, there are still many people out there who will make custom cuffs for you. Check out my "Buy bracelets" section here: You can also find premade cuffs on and