Patterns are still my priority, but as a new feature of my website I will be sharing kandi making ideas and suggestions. Once I have a few articles I will create a navigation link for them. Many of you in California already know these secrets, but new kandi kids or kandi kids in other states may not. This article will give you suggestions on trinkets you can add to your bracelets. The bracelets shown were either traded to me, or made by me to trade.

Party favors


1 2 3


Why: Party favors are one of my favorite things to put on kandi; they're cheap and many are interactive. The camera on the left has a button that you can press to see photos through the viewfinder, and the kaleidoscopes are great for looking at lightshows through! 


Where to buy: Party City & other party stores, Wal-mart, Target, eBay


How to attach them: Most party favors actually have a hole somewhere on them that you can easily put string through. If they don't, you will have to use an electric screwdriver or a heated needle to make a hole in the plastic.


Bells & Whistles


4 11 8

Why: They're cute and make noise (although granted, you're probably not going to hear the sound at a rave). You can also get creative and add phrases such as "Blow me" ;)


Where to buy: Whistles from Party city & other party stores, bulk supply online stores such as S&S Worldwide: Crafts, PE Equipment and more! and Oriental Trading Company. Buttons from Michael's, Jo-Ann's, other craft and fabric stores.


How to attach them: They should have holes already.




5 6 12

Why: They're cute, easy to attach, and can be used like beads.


Where to buy: Michael's, Jo-Ann's, other craft/fabric stores


How to attach: Since they're buttons, they have holes already!


Novelty erasers


20 21 22

Why: I don't know about you, but they remind me of my elementary school days when I would trade erasers :D


Where to buy: Japanese speciality stores, Sanrio stores, Target, Wal-mart, places that have cute stationery


How to attach: Erasers are soft so they're easy to attach. All you need is a needle with a wide eyelet. Thread your string through the needle, then push the needle through the eraser.


Ponytail holders


14 15 16

Why: Believe it or not, all the cute charms above are actually from pony tail holders. It can be hard to find such cute pony tail holders, but when you do they work perfectly for kandi.


Where to buy: Drug stores, Target, Wal-mart, other stores that sell kids' pony tail holders


How to attach: Since the pony tail holders already had elastic going through them, they should have holes already.


Small toys


17 18 19

Why: They look super cute, and there are so many possible toys you could put on that's is easy to choose the perfect one for each of your friends.


Where to buy: raid your old toy containers, fast food toys, those cheap vending machine toys, Target, Wal-mart, toy stores, 99 cent stores, eBay (search for fast food toys)


How to attach: This varies depending on the type of toy you're trying to attach. If it's a hard toy, you can either tie the string around it (making sure that it's secure) or use an electric screwdriver or heated needle to make a hole through. If it's a soft toy, you can use a needle (heated or not) to make a hole.


Fuse bead creations



Why: Fuse beads (such as those made by Hama and Perler) make it easy for you to get creative and make customized charms for kandi.


Where to buy: the online stores for Hama and Perler, Target, Wal-mart, toy stores, craft/hobby stores


How to attach: Make sure not to melt the beads too much, or they will be harder to attach. You can either weave your string through a couple of holes, or place your string in between the beads BEFORE you melt them, and actually melt the beads around the string.





Why: They're easy to attach and make cute accents.

Where to buy: I bought the charms above on eBay. I'm not sure where else you can get them.


How to attach: They're charms, so they have holes/loops already :)


Feel free to comment this article if you have any ideas or information to contribute!