eevee i made for mom :3

Description It's kind of a fail, but oh well, she loves it :)
Date 2012-08-05 14:08:17
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Made by pandalover719

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Jan 12, 2013 1:27 pm
"Shalayne Bacon": How did u make that honestly... it's been so long since i've made this i forgot how i did it... sorry sad but i know you can figure it out by trial and error like i did happy
Aug 5, 2012 7:23 pm
how did you make that
Aug 5, 2012 3:50 pm
"Crystallize": Fail!?! THAT'S PERFECT! :O thank you ^_^; i just give myself too hard of a time when it comes to my bead projects sometimes lol xD
Aug 5, 2012 3:37 pm
Aug 5, 2012 3:22 pm
"EmmyLoserFace": Its so cute! ^-^ thank you :3
Aug 5, 2012 3:21 pm
"Danibear": It's not a fail at all! Liar! haha well i thought the white fur should go down a bit more on the sides, but that's ok ^_^
Aug 5, 2012 2:42 pm
It's not a fail at all! Liar!
Aug 5, 2012 2:38 pm
Its so cute! ^-^