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Kandi tutorials Web Links

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Beading Daily Free eBooks

Free eBooks on a variety of beading techniques


1cutepup's webshow-kandi rockstar

This is a webshow on on the link and once you get on my page go to webshows.HAVE FUN!!!


kandi krafter

this sight has no login account registration needed to see any tutorials.Totally free!!Also these tutorials are very helpful!I personally learned quick from these! HAVE FUN!!!


Ginger Cand-e's Kandi Tutorials is a website for my YouTube kandi tutorials. Here you can Learn more about me, browse my videos, shop, and check out upcoming raves and kandi parties.


Ravers Only - Kandi Clinic

This is another rave forum that contains several well-written kandi tutorials.


Kandi by Jumper

This is Jumper's amazing kandi site, featuring kandi tutorials, photos of different kinds of kandi, and even some patterns.


Kandi trade

You have to join this forum (it's free) in order to see the kandi tutorials, but it's definitely worth it. They have the biggest collection of tutorials I've seen, and I personally learned how to make kandi from this site.