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TurboBeads: Slither Cuff Tutorial

YouTube Channel: Justin Bennett

How to make the Slither Cuff bead bracelet, this is a tutorial on how to create the Slither cuff with pony beads, a simple bead design that has a complex visual and similar look to a snake weaving through this bracelet. Add this Bracelet to your Kandi collection. Enjoy this step by step bead bracelet tutorial. Be sure to check out the Hexagon cuff in order to make this design: Like what you see? Be sure to check out my Channel for more videos like this one! Show some support and Subscribe! If you would like to help Support this channel even further: Buy some Custom Beadwork/Creations created by Justin Bennett Check out some of the Official Merch (T-shirts, Stickers and much more) Donate: (Donations are not required, but always appreciated) Master the craft of Beads Check out TurboBeads: TurboBeads is a free online bead tutorial series, with weekly videos teaching you how to make different bead creations with easy to follow step by step instructions, making the craft of beading super simple. Watching TurboBeads you can learn a range of different techniques bead patterns and ideas! Learn how to make, Pony bead Creations, Different bead patterns, key-chain charms, pony bead jewelry, bracelets Kandi and much more! Business Inquiries: Email Contact


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