How to make a 3D Kandi Cupcake - [Kandi Tutorial]

YouTube Channel: Ginger Cand-e

Today I'm going to teach you how to make your very own 3D kandi cupcake. These are great to add onto singles, necklaces, 3D cuffs, and much more! -------------------------- About Me: -------------------------- Hello my name is Ginger and I'm an energetic kandi kid from Houston, Texas who now resides in Dayton, Ohio. I make kandi tutorials and rave advice videos every week. Want to learn more about kandi, EDM, and raves? Hit the subscribe button to get all of my new videos delivered directly to your homepage. Thanks so much for watching and subscribing! -------------------------- Website: -------------------------- -------------------------- Find me online: -------------------------- - Facebook: - Twitter: - Instagram: --------------------------- Promo Code --------------------------- Use promo code GingerCandE to receive 5% off your TOTAL order at:


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