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This website was started in August 2009 by Kirsty, aka Crumpet. It was originally located at http://falsetigerlimbs.net/kandi, and moved to kandipatterns.com in March of 2010. As of 2015 it receives 35,000-55,000 views a day and has been visited by millions of unique visitors since March 2010. This site is ad-supported, which means that all the content is free because the website's server is paid for by ads.

What is this website about?

If you are a random visitor who's confused about the purpose of this site, let me explain ^_^ people use these patterns to make large bracelets out of pony beads like the ones below. Some of the patterns are designed for really large bracelets that take up most of a person's forearm!

Yes, these bracelets are completely ridiculous. Who would wear such a thing, right? Kandi kids would! Kandi kids are typically ravers (but not always) who make and trade brightly colored bracelets and then wear them, normally to rave parties but sometimes out in the real world. The bracelets are called kandi, hence the name "kandi kids." Here is a photo of me and some friends as an example of kandi kids:

kandi kids

Photo credit: Zulu - Plurlife photographer

Kandi can also be spelled candy, kandy, kandie, or kande, and to most kandi kids kandi bracelets are a token of friendship and a fashion statement. To some they represent the ideal of PLUR, which stands for peace, love, unity, respect - the raver's crede. When kandi first began, most kandi kids only made single stranded bracelets and necklaces. In recent years, kandi cuffs have become a lot more popular, with the two most popular cuff types being multi stitch cuffs and 3D cuffs. This website provides patterns for the multi stitch cuffs.

Here's a photo of almost all my kandi that I've received from trades :)

Pile of kandi
This photo can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, as long as you are not selling the photo itself or merchandise (mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts etc) featuring the photo. Credit is appreciated but not required. Click the photo to download a high res version.

Also, contrary to popular belief these bracelets do not represent drugs, they aren't drugs (some people are stupid enough to think that), people do not put LSD on them, nor does wearing these bracelets mean that the person takes or sells drugs.† Just had to clear that up :p

Meet the Current Staff

These staff members are actively moderating kandipatterns.com.


This site is owned and run by Crumpet. I live in England and I'm a retired raver. I designed this website and coded it by myself. Up until August 2010, I was the only person who created patterns for the site and moderated the site, but since then a number of moderators and admins have helped by moderating and creating content.

Meet the Retired/Inactive Staff

These staff members are no longer actively moderating kandipatterns.com, but are still important and deserve a place on this page! Some might pop up occasionally but no longer play a major role in the site.


Hello, My name is Jhoe, My rave name is AfroJhoe (Basically Afrojack :P) I am a moderator for this website, Kandi Patterns. I am Filipino, 21 years old, and I am born and raised in San Francisco. I am currently in school majoring in Communications and I work at several places. I first got interested in making kandi because my friend and I got a kit for beads. We both starting to make singles, and then later we saw people with big kandi cuffs. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make them, so I learned online. My first Kandi pattern I’ve created was a simple rainbow pattern and I fell in love making kandi. I’ve been making kandi since 2010 and I will continue my passion for making kandi. This website helped me grow as a kandi kid and I hope this site helps you too. Check out my personal kandi business in the Bay Area, KandiBits. Thank you for spending time reading this! P.L.U.R.


Hello, my name is Brandy, or what you more than likely know me as: Monarch. I live in Seattle, Washington and am currently attending college to become a Pastry Chef. I have been raving since I was 17, which was when I started wearing kandi and soon became obsessed with it. I found this website a while ago when I was searching online for different styles of cuffs and was amazed by the amount of effort put into it. I always followed the new patterns being posted and would read suggestions always wondering if I could ever do one. I designed my first cuff when someone here asked for an octopus pattern, and have been doing them ever since (though I am much more of a word rather than picture cuff designer as you may or may not have noticed). <-- this girl also sucks at writing about herself XD


Hmm about me lolz i'm never good at this kinda stuff. Um, My name is Taylor aka Kyoko, I'm 17, female, and I currently live in Altus, Oklahoma. I'm hoping to be a graphic designer when I graduate from high school and college. I got started in making kandi patterns because my boyfriend went on the website and saw a bracelet that he wanted and I said I would try to make it, well I did a really good job and I started making more and more then I decided I wanted to make my own patterns. My very first pattern I ever made was of Diglett from pokemon.


Heylo [insert your name here~] As of July 21, 2011, I'm an official Kandi Patterns moderator. I'm twelve years old going on thirteen in August. My kandi making started late 2010, so in the second quarter of my seventh grade year. My girlfriend (who's my ex now,) gave me a single with the word "Owl City" on it and that day my friend uploaded a picture on MySpace with him wearing a bunch of bracelets. In the comments, people just kept saying "Kandies," so I looked it up and the rest was history. I started uploading patterns in January (they were really bad so only some got accepted.) [x My first pattern I ever made was a small one that said 'Merry Christmas.' Now, half a year later, I'm a moderator and I help convert patterns along with Crumpet. I love kandipatterns.com and I plan on sticking around for a long time. Bye, [insert your name here!]
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  • LollipopMolly
Jun 4, 2011 5:41 pm
how do u find ur favorites????????????????????????????????????????????????
Jun 3, 2011 3:02 pm
samsara, that's awesome :lol: I worked hard to get my site all over Google so I'm glad my work paid off and you found it/got hooked on kandi!
  • 100xExtra
Jun 3, 2011 6:56 am
its about time someone clear it up for the people who think were freaks
Apr 22, 2011 4:53 am
heyyy, so ive been looking @ the ideas and everything people been making... its amazin! I LOVE THE IDEA of putting small toys or watever on themhappy the only thing is im having problams looking for cute stuff to put on them, and i really dont wanna go out and buy stuff... so i thought id pass my idea down that going to yard sales in the summer to find stuff is the perfect idea, hope this is helpful big grin
Apr 12, 2011 1:00 pm
if its the same shape then I don't see why not unless you couldn't find string through the bead twice.