vent tw:caps, slight mention of tics (no typing quirks)

kazz_makez_kandi 10/20/2021 05:57 pm 123

so earlier i ticked and said "ew" to something my friend said. My partner got mad at me and basically gave me a two minute lecture how i should think before i say something, even though i tried to explain i couldn't help it. (kept getting interupted) then my partner ignored me for the rest of the day and didn't sit with me at lunch. my mom uses me as a conversation starter and she doesn't talk ab the good things i do. so i sound like a terrible person and no one ever wants to talk to me. all i can do i just sit here and overthink, drown in my own thoughts,i can't even cry and my head hurts. i dont know what to do anymore .

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Oct 20, 2021 6:19 pm

I’m so sorry, and if your partner does stuff like that consistently, I’d consider breaking up with them or having a serious discussion at the very least. The fact that they interrupted you multiple times and ignored you the whole day is really concerning, and if you haven’t, maybe send them a text explaining that it was a tic? I hope you feel better soo

Oct 20, 2021 6:50 pm

if your partner doesn’t know what tics are, send them or tell them the basic definition of it. If they get it, amazing. If they dont, and they don’t wanna listen, maybe that’s not the best person you could date. And about your mom, try to have a civil conversation ( I get it if you can’t) and tell her you aren’t comfortable with her talking about the negative stuff about you. Tell her to try to list the good features about you and that you have many qualities she could talk about that are positive. I hope things get better,honestly. Ik life can be hard but just hang in there /gen

- acid happy