Tell me your funniest/craziest school stories LOL XD

catpawzz 9/19/2021 01:05 am 1164

This one time after school me and my friend were trying to climb to the top of the bathroom stalls because it was fun and I broke the toilet seat DNJJEJNJDKWshrug

Also some guy called me and my friend rainbows

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Sep 22, 2021 7:01 pm

@EnderApprentice: today my friend chased my other friend while yelling "give me those big dick daddy tiddies bitch" or smth like that idk it was in the morning i forget

the friend who got chased had an asthma attack bc of running and i feel bad because i didnt help
dw hes fine

also mothman drew themself on the other chalkboard in my class

today i found out my friends google account password bc its in his fortnite name and i pretended like i was gonna get fortnite
he doesnt care though. im like the third person to get it other than him.

Sep 22, 2021 6:24 am

lol I just found out there was a gambling ring at my school a couple years ago. There were also fight clubs

Sep 22, 2021 6:18 am

i literally fell through the fucking ceiling while tryna get to class

Sep 22, 2021 5:29 am

this 5th grader was vaping in the bathroom during state testing lol sick

Sep 22, 2021 5:19 am

@EnderApprentice: anyways im at school rn hi

Sep 21, 2021 2:54 pm

We pole dance on the pole in the middle of the locker rooms. A pick-me girl got us in trouble for that today :/
also one day i fell off of the pole and hurt my ass

me and my friend made the whole lunch room clap and then get in trouble
i pumped a hand sanitizer thing onto the floor and said "cum"
*talking about a bell kit* "this is so heavy. i need wheels" *my friend walking down the hallway* "i am wheels"
my social studies teacher constantly deadnames my friend and the whole class misgenders him.
one time in elementary school a dog was running around while we were outside and the principle had to catch it
bathrooms get locked due to devious licks. i envy my girlfriend, who goes online.
one time a kid got suspended for sending a zoom link to the entire school district.
a person wore a pride flag and people called them slurs and the persons friends mom found out and told the school now the kids who ssaid slurs are suspended
one day my brother and a bunch of his friends came into my class to say hi to my teacher and now the chalkboard says "YOU SUCK -Mothman" and it also has a drawing of a foot on it.

Sep 20, 2021 9:03 pm

on the bus this kid drank hand sanitizer and then chugged a thing of water

then threw it all back up into the isle of the bus

Sep 20, 2021 8:13 pm

we found two USED uhm... "balloons" in our school parking lot, and the parking lot is facing the soccer field that all the kids go on during gym...then some kid picked one up with a pencil and started chasing me with it ;-;

Sep 20, 2021 7:30 pm

So this is gonna be rlly long but-

In 4th grade my teacher gave the class whiteboards, so to wipe the whiteboards we had to use socks, so everyone in my class made them into sock pupets which was pretty fun. They all had their own names and stuff idk what they were but yeah. ANyways, one day, idk how but my friend, lets call her k, lost her sock. when we found it, my and my friends were super excited and screamed at every car that drove by K SOCK BACK! WHen we were doing that there was this guy carrying a brief case walking to work so we screamed at him K SOCK BACK and he yelled in these exact words, ¨be quiet kids im trying to go to work¨. We were surprised cuz that was the first reaction we got. So because we were stupid little 9 year olds, for everyday for around a week when we saw him we all screamed at him K SOCK BACK and usually got different reactions. One day, when we saw him, we screamed K SOCK BACK and he started RUNNING to the gate of our school. We ran away screaming and went to the bathroom. We peeked out and he was talking to the people that watched us during recess (idk what they are called). The next day we all wore flower crown, braids, and traded our jackets because aparently we thpught that if he saw us he wouldnt recognize it was us?? idk lol. Later on that day my mom asked me if I heard what happened. SHe told me that this guy came up to the gate and got mad bc kids were yelling slurs/cussing him out. Idk how he heard slurs and cusses from that but- my mom said that if anything like that ever happened to me she would make me got to private school and I just kind of sat there like oH- She still dosent know to this day XD. I know it was bad for us to do this and I feel bad abt it now but WE WERE IN 4TH GRADE :C

(tw, mention of school shooting (but there wasnt one and we just thought there was) In 3rd grade I was eating lunch and the teachers started calling us in their classes bc of a lock down. We went into our teachers class and we all sat in a corner in the dark. Then we started to hear strange noises from outside that sounded like gunshots. So our teacher was like, ¨Guys we are having a school shooting, do you hear the gunshots??¨ and a bunch of scary stuff like that (just reminding you that we were LITERALLY 8) So literally everyone started crying except me for some reason and were screaming about how they were scared and that they didnt want to never see their parents again and stuff. It was rlly scary, but anyways, eventually we were let out and apparently it wasnt a school shooting, someone from the apartment complex across the street fell out of a window and a helicopter had to pick them up and they landed it in our schools track. IT WAS SO TRAUMATIZING LOL

So my last story is from after school but basically my mom was a teacher at the school I went to and had an after school art program evry friday/thursday. My friends usually stayed after to hang out and help clean up. So it was around 8 pm and it was winter so it was pretty dark outside, and we were out on the play ground. We decided that we should play hide and seek. WHile my friend was counting and me and my other friend were trying to find a hiding spot and we saw this sketchy man in a black hoodie fastly pacing with his hood on and his hands in his pockets. We thought it was weird but we decided to ignore him (WHICH WAS A BAD IDEA AND IF U SEE A SKETCHY GUY PACING IN A BLACK HOODIE WITH HIS HANDS IN HIS POCKETS YOU SHOULD PROBABLY RUN). We hid somewhere near the track and you could see the guy. We were staring at him saying that he looked rlly shady and that we should probably go, so when we decided to go, and when we did that, he started CHASING US. we started screaming and started running around looking for our friends (the one looking and her (6 YEAR OLD) little sister). We found the one that was counting right away but her sister thought we were just trying to get her out of hiding and didnt come out. it was terrifying. We eventually found her and ran back into the classroom.

Also one time I had to clean the cafeteria 3 days in a row for putting wood chips in a brick.

Sep 20, 2021 6:40 pm

@V4MP1RE_GUTZZ: oh geeez i hope its better now though