need beads lmao

semigrey 8/9/2021 03:47 pm 182

where do yall buy your beads and stuff, im running out and i just need like cuter beads in general lol

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Aug 9, 2021 4:29 pm

eBay and Spotlight , I wish I could buy from Amazon or but shipping is so expensive sad

Aug 9, 2021 4:45 pm

I usually get like big mixed packs of beads from my local craft store, but u can also get beads from different online stores. I’d recommend just looking up bead stores [place where you live] if you’re worried shipping will be an issue

Aug 9, 2021 4:50 pm

I buy beads in stores like michaels and walmart, and order online on amazon. But I've heard lots of people recommend beadtin which I believe is an online kandi supply retailer.