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binding tips/help????

glowfish 6/20/2021 03:53 pm 388

i have two friends who want to bind and they have bigger chests so i dont think sports bras will work, one (ash,no labe) doesnt have sports bras but is getting some soon so i dont know if it works for them yet, and the other (sabine, genderfae) tried using sports bras but it didnt work for her. i really want to help them but i only know the bra way, any tips?

feel free to read thru the comments and get help too btw!, this is for everyone, not just me and my friends :)

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Jun 20, 2021 4:29 pm

You can get kt tape at target (don't get the target brand athletic tape it sucks). There are good tutorials on youtube and I've heard it works for bigger chests. Hopefully that helps!