Rate your nicknames!

doublezero 4/22/2021 02:48 pm 779

I just wanted to see what people's nicknames are! Here are mine

Goose: 10/10 My name. Pretty rad.

My deadname: -10000000000000/10 The only people who call me this are my parents.

Goosey: 0/10 Something my mom calls me because she won't call me Goose

Gooseito: 0/10 see above

Goo: -10/10 What my dad calls me to make fun of me

Miles: 9/10 my middle name. No one actually calls me this.

That one son of a bitch: 10/10 yep that's me.

I actually don't really have a nickname tbh.

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Apr 24, 2021 5:35 pm

Sydney: 6/10 technically my name(not a deadname), also please stop comparing it to Australia
Syd: 4/10
Romi: 8/10 a nickname on discord
Aren: 9.5/10 very nice, have no idea where it came from tho
Percy: 1000/10 (Percy Jackson kinnie) makes me very happy
Leo: 10/10 (also Leo Valdez kinnie)
Athens: 8.5/10

Apr 24, 2021 3:55 am

anastasia - 7/10 too feminine but a cool name, almost everyone calls me that :/

tasja - 5/10 idk how my friends came up with that one I don't really like it, my friends and sometimes family call me that

tony - 99999999999/10 the name i use online, gives me serotonin <33

Apr 23, 2021 7:40 pm

Deadname- nothing/10 It sounds pretty, but I absolutely hate it
Dustin- 9/10 My irl name (still called this online) I rlly like it^^
Jester- 1000000000000000000000000/10 Favorite name, makes me feel valid
Dumba55- 10/10 Called this by my best friend
Boo- 0/10 Called this by my parents, used as a replacement for Dustin. I hate being called this
Arson- 8/10 Dont use it as much, but I still like it
Luck- 3289798749827489274893748932749872348974987239/10 Reminds me of Nagito, makes me happy
Clover- Same as above^^
Nagito- Same as above^^ Called this by my best friend as well, makes me incredibly happy!

And thats all I can think of

Apr 23, 2021 4:16 pm

Deadname -400000000000000000000/10

A team 1,000/10 (I really like A Team by Ed Sheeran and my name is Asher)

Ash 9/10

Ashie -20/10 (People at my old school bullied my new name by calling me Ashie which I vocalized made me disphoric)

Al 25/10 (I kin Alastor from Hazbin Hotel HARD and so my friend who kins Charlie calls me Al)

Apr 23, 2021 1:01 pm

deadname -999999//10-only the ppl i h8 use it

ko 11//10-the main name i go by

ranboo 111//10- serotonin levelz ↑↑↑↑↑

kitty 9//10-i like it ^^

star 2//10 old name i went by. :/

angel 8//10 -pretty cool

loser 9//10 haha funny

Apr 23, 2021 11:48 am

*violently clears throat* so-

Lexi- 5/10 its my name but idk why i dont like being called it.

Lex- 5/10 a lot of people call me it, still don't like it.

Alexiah- 0/10 its my birth name, i hate it and only get called it when my friends really want my attention or my family.

shithead- 7/10 my aunt calls me this, but yeah, come up with something more creative.

asshat- 10/10 my best friend ellie calls me this. love it.

monkey- 100/10 the loml calls me this

stupid- 3/10 okay yeah but come up with a better comeback

"my problem"- 8/10 my online friend calls me this. but yeah.

edit:: soooo ig just call me whatever?? idk.

Apr 23, 2021 11:04 am

Jinx 12/10 - my name! very swag!

marissa 3/10 - my birth name, i dont really mind it but i like jinx better

Sully 7/10 - my friends call me this bcs of my hair lol

Rainbow 5/10 - only one person calls me this but its pretty cool

Apr 23, 2021 10:50 am


Atarah- 3/10 My deadname but i dont really care if you use it, just close friends and family use it

Atari- 10/10 i just put a spin on my deadname to make it cooler

Clyde/Remus- 10/10 very swaggy makes me euphoric, ppl online call me these or atari

Him- My friend gavin calls me this (lightheartedly) bc i told him i was he/him pronouns lol

Apr 23, 2021 7:12 am

deadname: 1/10 i hate being called it, but it's a nice name, and i think it's funny, because the meaning of it is basically "quirky" n i had such a huge not like other girls phase,,, i haven't really asked people to stop using it yet, though, because i don't have a solid like,, formal name ?

possum: 100/10 (one of) my name(s),, makes me so happy when people call me this,, i've loved possums since i was really young, so it makes me a little nostalgic.

maggot: 10/10 (another one of) my name(s),, like it a lot from an aesthetic perspective, but i like it slightly less than possum,, still a lot though

nayan: 8/10 probably gonna be my more formal name. kinda sounds like the cat

kitten/princess: 4/10 one of my internet friends calls me this as a joke,, funny but it makes me feel kinda weird

fucker: 10/10 yeah.

nunu: 100/10 if you're a friend 3/10 if you're my parents,, only my super old friends call me this, and i really love it when they do,, i love them all so much. it's only kinda bad when my parents call me it for no real reason other than it feels Not Good (also i don't like my parents)

spoonu: 10000/10 only my brother calls me this,, he's fantastic i love him so much

uncle bob: 7/10 i started using it before i realized i was a guy (idk how i was so oblivious) kinda sounds like a hick name, but it gave me a lot of euphoria to be called it + it has a little nostalgic value,, only two people still call me this, but i love them, so it's nice

dora/dora the explorer: 0/10 nobody calls me this anymore, but dysphoria + was really weird when did refer to me as this, 'cause part of it was based on my skin tone at the time (i'm extremely pale now)

nunya business: -69/10 pun based off my deadname,, only one dude called me this and i hated him.

Apr 23, 2021 6:57 am

samantha - 8/10 it's just my name, only my family and like one other friend calls me it

sam - 10/10 gender neutral which makes me very happy!! most people call me sam


kiwi - 7/10 my friend calls me it sometimes as a joke and i call her snapple, kinda forget it's me sometimes tho

babe - 9/10 my best friend calls me babe and its funny but sometimes it makes me go ???

bread beast - 10/10 my contact name in my friend's phone, it's accurate i love bread